Property Being Swooped Up In Cape Town, Southern Africa

Cape Town, which is listed in the top 5 cities to visit before you die, has had a tremendous boom in property in the last few years. Known for it’s famous Table Mountain, the city lies in the cradle between the mountain and the sea. Cape Town seems to be, in recent years, a place for not only locals within the country, but a place for people all over the world to invest in.With the mix of cultures in this city, everybody seems to have caught onto the friendly vibe. Foreigner’s come through only wanting a holiday and end up falling in love with the beauty. Some Tourism sites suggest it could be the variety of entertainment and activities causing the property boom. Due to the vast mountain ranges, nature reserves and with having the ocean all round, there are plenty out outdoors entertainment from surfing, mountain climbing and hikes available.Dining in the Cape is also an experience that a lot of the locals and visitors take great pleasure in. Due to the different cultures, there are a large variety of different ethnic foods and vibes to choose from, whether it’s a Cape Malay Curry or Chinese. The different venues also range from a laid-back finger food, to formal gourmet.There are plenty of places to choose from when looking at living in Cape Town. For people on the move, there are houses and apartments within the city of Cape Town, which hold all the excitement of living within the lights and in the buzz of the action.For the quieter types, houses with sea views, forest suburban living, as well as living in lush valleys are not just dreams anymore but a reality in this city. One possible explanation for the boom in property sales is not only the scenic surroundings, but also the business that has grown in the last ten years..The film and advertising industry in Cape Town has reached an all time high. With the talent of the people as well as the variety of locations, Cape Town is slowly becoming one of the more popular places to film movies.With the added value of almost perfect weather all year round, filming outdoors for the whole day becomes the normal thing. It seems everyway you look at it, Cape Town has all the benefits of the perfect holiday home, or everyday home as well.Property investors suggest that the boom will probably carry on for a while and then eventually stabilize, but with Cape Town in its favour.